Photo credit goes to my  husband    Omar Shoukri   | Location -  Shams Mountain Oman

Photo credit goes to my husband Omar Shoukri | Location - Shams Mountain Oman




Who talks non stop about Sustainable Fashion Innovation and Creative Industries. Some people listen, some yawn, some say "I am interested, but not that much so please stop spamming me on Whatsapp". To be fair, most people are interested, therefore I have decided to create this blog so I can talk and talk and talk endlessly about this topic - YAY. Why am I obsessed with it? Because growing up in the UAE, it makes it easy to become a shopaholic. Women and Men there always look glamorous, at work, at the beach, pretty much anywhere anytime. Therefore, it was inevitable to fall in love with clothes and turn to shopping therapy. In 2016, I quit my job at New York University Abu Dhabi to pursue my graduate studies in Sustainability in Fashion & Creative Industries in Berlin. A topic that I felt drawn to, due to it's transparency in the supply chain, fair wages, environmentally friendly and INNOVATIVE TEXTILES. Just by shopping mindfully, I am contributing to the wellness of the environment and social welfare. Did I mention that this has become a charter in the United nations? I spent a year doing research in traditional craftsmanship in the U.A.E., Japan, India and Egypt. Now I am continuing my educational journey at AMD, and on a mission to disrupt the way” Fashion" is being consumed. 

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